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Hey guys hope your doing good. So I’ve decided to switch things up a little I’m still doing stories but I’m going to start doing other things to like: how tos, diys, and maybe just blogging about the day ( but I probably won’t do that to much because it’s hard for me to upload… Continue reading My blog

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welcome to my blog

Hi this is where you can find lots of cool stuff. like funny stories so have a great time looking at all the fun things you find on my blog.

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The glass door ( Part 1 )

“Where am I” I yelled. I was in a large glass room with no exit. “Hello” I said. no answer “hello” I said. Still no answer. “Is anybody here” I yelled. Nothing. I was scared it was dark but I could see. The room was made of all glass not see through but more like… Continue reading The glass door ( Part 1 )

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A is for apple. P is for pear.

So you clicked on this post very interesting. very interesting indeed. I now declare you to be a cool person for clicking on a this weird post. Congrats 🙂 🙂 Thank you for clicking on this weird post have a nice day!

Mystery Stairs

I was walking in the woods when I came to a set of stairs. I had never seen these stairs before. They looked very old.  Moss had grown all over them.  The air smelled like flowers. I started going up the stairs. It felt like they went on forever. There were many different colored mushrooms.… Continue reading Mystery Stairs

the dog and the girl

once there was a dog who went for a walk. it was a very nice walk the birds were chirping the sun was shining but there was something very weird about that walk the dog felt as if his life would never be the same after this. in the distance he could see a human… Continue reading the dog and the girl

the bear

there was a girl and one day she was going hiking with her parents. and it was so hot that she fainted and when she woke up she was in a dark cave she didn’t now were she was or how she got there. she was in a very weird bear’s home and when she… Continue reading the bear

the can of beans……

once upon a time there was a can of beans.this can of beans was a very magical can of beans the can never got empty and who ever ate some beans from that can farted nonstop for ten days! one day the can of beans fell from the shelf. the beans came alive they opened… Continue reading the can of beans……

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